Switching 13,000 hp safely

Driescher is making a further contribution to increasing the efficiency of the energy supply of DC railway networks around the world. The newly developed OL-DC switch disconnector now brings the advantages of our proven AC railway technology to the DC world. Switching of high load currents up to 3,150A directly [...]

2024-04-03T14:18:19+00:0029. June 2023|Innovation, Railway technology|

Bring DRIESCHER products into your living room!

DRIESCHER has made a big leap in terms of digitization and innovative presentation concepts. A virtual visitable and walk-in showroom has been available on the homepage www.driescher.de since the beginning of October. In its first stage of expansion, it offers an overview of the product portfolio and can be used [...]

2023-12-13T10:35:52+00:005. November 2020|Company, Innovation, Trade fairs|
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