Driescher is making a further contribution to increasing the efficiency of the energy supply of DC railway networks around the world. The newly developed OL-DC switch disconnector now brings the advantages of our proven AC railway technology to the DC world. Switching of high load currents up to 3,150A directly at the line optimally supports with the precise control of overhead line networks. In this way, the volume of traffic can be increased without lying additional track. The fact that OL-DC switches can be installed directly on the catenary mast eliminates the need for complex infrastructure such as station buildings for the large switchgear in substations that have been necessary up to now.

The OL-DC product line is available both as a disconnector and as a load disconnector. Due to its high switching capacity, it can safely switch outputs of 10,000 kW / 13,000 HP at 3,600 V and thereby meets the requirements of utilization category III acc. to EN 50123. Thanks to its ELR contact system, OL-DC switches are characterized by very little power loss in transmission regarding comparable products. This helps to further reduce carbon footprint during the operation of railway lines.