Working under live voltage

The atmosphere is charged!

Of course, it doesn’t look that spectacular when our ‘Working under live voltage’ service team calls to you.
Spectacular would probably be expensive too, and that would go against the whole point of ‘Working under live voltage’. After all, working under live voltage saves you money, as you don’t have to switch off your systems and operation can thus continue unhindered.

Working under live voltage is cost-effective if just one PREREQUISITE is fulfilled:

  • An emergency generator is required and / or
  • Work can only be carried out at the weekend and / or
  • High production losses and / or
  • High amount of work involved in informing customers and carrying out switching operations

We offer the following services in the area of working under live voltages up to 1 kV:

  • Retrofitting and replacement of components in the high-current range
  • Replacement of circuit breakers without switch-off
  • Cleaning of LV distributors – even under difficult conditions
  • Checking of screw connections
  • Installation, retrofitting of outlets, feed-ins and low-voltage, high-rupturing-capacity fuse rails
  • Cable and connection work

We offer the following services in the area of working under live voltages up to 36 kV:

  • System cleaning using the “at a distance” process with dry and wet cleaning
  • Bridging of switching devices with mobile bridging units for rated voltages of 12 kV and 24 kV in order to be able to activate switching devices in a load-free manner
  • Cutting and drilling of busbars
  • Refilling of cable terminations for earth cable terminations
  • Lubrication, flushing and freeing of moving parts and contacts on MV switching devices
  • Replacement/renewal of switching devices during ongoing operation with the aid of a mobile bridging unit
  • Removal of insulating oil testers during ongoing operation

Working under live voltage thus offers the opportunity to maintain and clean your switchgear and switching devices in ongoing operation. In this way, you can prolong scheduled maintenance intervals and reduce costs for production losses.