Cable installations

Don’t miss a single connection!

To help avoid problems on your medium-voltage and low-voltage systems, we can carry out cable installations and connections up to 36 kV for you while you concentrate on your core business. After all, that deserves your full attention!

Regardless of whether connection work is to be carried out on medium voltage (MV) or low voltage (LV) systems or a transition cable joint is to be fitted, we are your first point of contact in this area.

We would be delighted to carry out the following tasks for you:

  • MV indoor cable terminations with push-on or shrink systems
  • MV connection joints with screw system
  • MV transition cable joint for transitions between mass-impregnated cable/plastic cable
  • MV connection joint with shrink system
  • Repair of mass-impregnated cable terminations
  • LV connection and branch joints (also in ‘working under live voltage’)
  • LV connections to distributors and connection cabinets (also in ‘working under live voltage’)