Medium voltage

As a manufacturer of medium voltage switching devices and switchgear, we offer our clients a comprehensive range of products for various applications:

  • Single and double busbar systems
  • Industrial systems with two- and three- compartment isolation
  • Fixed, withdraw-unit and truck-type technology
  • Compact switchgear
  • Special structures (switching blocks)
  • Customer-specific special switching devices

Medium voltage switching devices

  • Indoor switch disconnectors, disconnectors and earthing switches
    (single-pole and three-pole)
  • Indoor circuit breakers (low-oil and vacuum)
  • Outdoor switch disconnectors (low-oil and vacuum)
  • Switching devices for railway systems
  • High voltage, high-rupturing-capacity fuses
  • Customer-specific switching devices

Here you will find all our switching devices and switchgear from 12 kV to 38.5 kV,
including accessories and options:

12 kV switchgear
24 kV switchgear

24 kV switchgear from 630 A up to 1600 A, 16 kA, 20 kA, 25 kA, 31,5 kA with circuit breaker and power switch disconnector fuse according to EN 62271-200, EN 62271-1

36 kV switchgear

DRIESCHER – Air-insulated medium voltage switchgear

– type W36 – 121526
– rated voltage 36 kV
– rated current 630 A / 1250 A

38,5 kV switchgear

DRIESCHER Air-insulated medium voltage switchgear

– type W 38.5
– rated current 630 A/1250 A
– rated short-time current 16 kA/20 kA

MSP compensation switchgear
  • Economic advantages of generators, transformers, linesschal and switching equipment
  • Lower loss and establishment of additional reserves, to transmit more active power
  • Lower voltage drop
  • Lower energy costs
  • Improvement ot the power supply
  • Active climate protection

>Please find more information on our detailed product site „MSP compensation switchgear“

Pressure relief duct

To ensure the highest possible level of personal safety and to protect the switching house, we recommend pressure relief in the form of a pressure duct. In the case of an arc fault in the system, the gases that result can simply be expelled from the switching house through the duct.
A pressure relief canal can also facilitate the retrofitting of new switchgear to older buildings.

> Please find more information on our detailed product site „Pressure relief duct“

Outdoor devices

Outdoor switches 12 kV up to 52 kV

Customized switches
Complete Solutions
h.v.h.b.c. fuses
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