Transformer service

Technical service for the entire service life of your transformer!

Transformers are subject to a natural ageing process. For this reason, they require scheduled testing and checking. This cycle interval is mainly dependent on the location and operating conditions, as even an issue such as significant dirt can endanger operational reliability.

We offer needs-based solutions here:

  1. Inspection and cleaning of transformers
  2. Cast resin insulation testing
    Testing and measurement of insulation resistance of MV transformers incl. measurement protocol

  3. Monitoring of insulating oil as per DIN EN 60422
    Standard testing of all transformers, converters and switching devices filled with mineral oil up to 72.5 kV
    Test items:
    – Colour and appearance (ISO 2049)
    – Breakdown voltage (IEC 60156)
    – Water content (IEC 60814)
    – Neutralisation value (IEC 62021-1)
    – Dielectric loss factor (IEC 60247)
  4. Insulating oil preparation/drying in oil transformers
    Preparation of oil to a breakdown strength of at least 60 kV at 2.5 mm electrode separation using mobile preparation equipment

  5. Sealing work
    High voltage and low voltage bushings, cover seals, Buchholz screw connections, viewing glasses, off-circuit tap changers etc.

  6. Retrofitting work
    Buchholz protector relay, hermetic protection block, pressure switch, thermometer, air dehumidifier, vibration damper

  7. Conversion work
    Conversion to touch-proof plug-in bushings (MV side) and protection against touching (NV side)