An advantage that pays for itself every day!


Service and maintenance contracts



By signing up for a service and maintenance contract that is customised for your individual needs, you can minimise the risks of expensive downtimes and benefit from the quickest possible intervention if problems should occur.

Experience pays!

With our experienced specialists, we are able to offer you ideal service.
We ensure that your systems remain available and reliable, around the clock!
As part of our repair and maintenance work, we check your system for signs of wear and possible sources of faults. You can benefit here from our expertise as a systems manufacturer, the experience of our service specialists and the application of the most modern measurement and analysis equipment.

Your advantages

  • Shorter reaction times
  • Reduction of unplanned downtimes thanks to early detection
  • Reduction of service costs if faults do occur
  • Higher transparency in operating costs
  • Investment security
  • Tips and tricks from our on-site experts
  • Contract partners enjoy top priority
  • Planning of maintenance periods


Our experience shows ...

a service and maintenance contract guarantees reliable operation thanks to continuous checking of your system - this helps to avoid many problems and their consequences! 
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