The managing directors of DRIESCHER - a strong team!


Since 1939, our philosophy has been to manufacture products ourselves that always stand out due to their excellent quality.



Doris Driescher

“The high standards we demand of ourselves are the guarantee for our innovative, high-quality, high-performance products and for our comprehensive consulting expertise. With our highly qualified and flexible team of employees, we can live up to these standards every day!"
Mrs. Driescher is responisble for Operations, Production and Administration.  
Elektrotechnische Werke Fritz Driescher & Söhne GmbH
Driescher GmbH Eisleben


Christoph Driescher

“We have set ourselves a range of goals as part of our growth strategy. The main focal point of our activities is the expansion of our national and international sales capabilities.”
Mr. Driescher is responsible for Sales, Marketing & Business Development, Development, Service & Fied Service.
Elektrotechnische Werke Fritz Driescher & Söhne GmbH
Driescher GmbH Eisleben


Ottmar Mösch

"Thanks to an experienced and highly motivated team, we provide our customers with an outstanding product portfolio for complex energy systems " Made in Germany " and we are convinced that we will continue the company's successful history with innovative solutions . "
Mr. Mösch is responsible at Driescher GmbH Eisleben for Operations, Production, Purchase, Fleet, QM and PPS. 
Driescher GmbH Eisleben  

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