Right back at the beginning of the last century, Fritz Driescher Sr. (born 1886; died 1951) recognised how important power supply would become in the coming years.

When he was just 24, he founded a company in Kapellen am Niederrhein in 1909 and thus established the foundation for the successful history of DRIESCHER that has continued through to the present day.
In the early years, the focus was on the electrification of wells, centrifuges, chaffcutters and lathes. He already employed 30 electrical fitters just a year after starting the company.

In 1925, the company moved to larger facilities in Rheydt.
A large subsidiary works was opened in Moosburg in Upper Bavaria in 1939, which was taken over by Fritz Driescher Jr. in 1948 (now known as DRIESCHER Moosburg).

In 1951, the youngest son of Fritz DRIESCHER Sr., Heinz Driescher, took over the company in Rheydt and decided to move and to build a new plant in Wegberg in the late 1950s (now DRIESCHER Wegberg).


The 1950s

1950 45, 60 and 110 kV outdoor centre-break disconnectors

  • M 3000 oil-less switch disconnectors
  • 2680 low-oil circuit breaker with breaking capacity of 200 MVA (poles made of plastic)
1952 First circuit breaker with short-interruption capability with short-interruption relay
1953 First truck-type switchgear in Hofheim, near Würzburg
1956 First withdrawable-unit design

1959 FLa 15/60 outdoor switch disconnectors

The 1960s

1966 First fast-switching and make-proof earthing switches
  • L265 12 kV - 36 kV low-oil circuit breaker
  • Panels with 800 mm separation
  • Presentation of the first production-ready 24 kV vacuum circuit breaker at the Hannover Messe trade fair
1967 First testing of panels for personal safety in accordance with Pehla

1968 403 low voltage load-switching system, high voltage, high-rupturing-capacity fuses with thermal protection

The 1970s

1972 FLa 15/Vac outdoor switch disconnectors with vacuum interrupter, 2000 A
1973 Cast resin insulators for outdoors

1975 Cast resin insulators for indoors and bushings for outdoors and indoors

1976 20 kV and 30 kV shackle insulators

The 1980s

1982 H 27 indoor switch disconnectors

The 1990s

1991 Founding of DRIESCHER Eisleben (D)

1992 Founding of DRIESCHER Zichovice (CZ)
  • "FGS" high voltage, high-rupturing-capacity fuses with thermal protection (reduced activation temperature) for gas-insulated switchgears

1994 DIN ISO 9001 certification

1995 Founding of DRIBO, Brno (CZ)

1997 FLa 15/97 outdoor switch disconnectors with vacuum interrupter

1998 2500 A, 12 kV indoor vacuum circuit breakers

1998 Founding of DRIBO, Stara Tura (SK)

1999 H 27, 630 A, 12 kV indoor switch disconnectors

From 2000 onwards

2001 FTr-1B outdoor disconnectors for railway systems, 2000 A, 25 kV

2002 Withdrawable-unit CB panel (EL) 600 x 1100 x 2100 (WxDxH), 12 kV

2002 Founding of Driescher Energy Solutions in Moosburg (D)

2003 Panels with two- or three-compartment isolation and pressure relief duct

2004 Withdrawable-unit disconnectors up to 1600 A, break disconnectors up to 2500 A
2005 Founding of Xi'an Driescher Energy Solutions Co. Ltd. (P.R. China)

2008 High-current disconnectors up to 8000 A, earthing switches for DC and AC applications on rail networks

2010 FTr-1B outdoor disconnectors for railway systems, 2000 A, 3 kV DC
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